CAP Projects

Community Action Projects (CAPs) are the experiential component of the program. Our Leadership Thunder Bay participants work in “whole brain” teams to complete projects that will influence our city in unique ways. The goal is to build core leadership skills such as project management, innovation and problem solving, as well as courage, empathy and authenticity through collaboration with organizations. This process exposes the participants to consensus building, public/private partnerships, diversity, board development, fundraising and volunteerism, among others.
The projects should positively impact the community and involve bringing together various organizational sectors including public, private and voluntary, to join forces and explore opportunities. Teams choose their CAPS in October and work on them for the duration of the program and present the results at the graduation ceremonies.

Current CAP Projects


Dilico – Mazinaajim Children’s Foundation

Mazinaajim Children’s Foundation grants unique life experiences to Anishinabek children, youth and families in order to improve their overall health, happiness and well-being. They provide life enriching opportunities including recreation, culture, education and community leadership for 13 different First Nation communities. Leadership Thunder Bay CAP team will assist with the development of a polished information


Our Kids Count

Our Kids Count empowers individuals to build stronger families and inclusive communities by enhancing people’s lives through personal growth and development.Leadership Thunder Bay CAP team will work with young parents (21 years and younger), to produce a video that shares young parents experiences as competent parents who are capable of raising healthy children who develop


City of Thunder Bay Anti-Racism & Respect Advisory Committee

As part of the Committee’s 2017 – 2020 Work Plan, the Committee will work with other community organizations to lend support for orientation and outreach initiatives for both Indigenous youth coming to Thunder Bay and international students arriving in Thunder Bay from other countries for educational purposes. As part of that process, a “This is


Northwestern Ontario Regional Stroke Network

In Canada, someone has a stroke every 9 minutes. Time is Brain. The faster you act, the more of the person you save.  Last year in Thunder Bay, approximately 413 people were admitted to our Regional Stroke Unit. Numbers are on the rise with the aging population and social determinants of health of our region.