ACE Awards

The Leadership Thunder Bay ACE (Acknowledging Community Engagement) Awards were created in 2012 to recognize the contributions and connection of Leadership Thunder Bay alumni to our community. They are presented annually at our LTB Graduation.

Nominations are made by alumni each spring.  Nominate a fellow LTB alumnus HERE (FORM TBA).  Nominations provide the committee with information about how the nominee has achieved results for the community by one or more of the following:

  • demonstrate leadership and support team efforts through their work and/or volunteer activities;
  • value and recognize the contributions and perspectives of others;
  • make diversity, inclusiveness and collaboration a part of their work;
  • serve as a role model for leadership and community involvement.

ACE Award Nominations 2018

We are proud to acknowledge the community leaders among us! Your track record of leadership in the community is inspiring.

2017 ACE Award Winners
John DeGiacomo – Class of 2006
Krystal Logozzo Daniele – Class of 2011
Sarah Kerton – Class of 2009
Frances Wesley – Class of 2013

2016 ACE Award Winners
Laura Daniele – Class 2007
Kyle Jessiman – Class of 2013
Katherine Keeping – Class of 2012
Kristen Oliver – Class of 2009

2015 ACE Award Winners
Emey Hendricks – Class of 2013
Allison Hill – Class of 2007
Tessa Murray – Class of 2014

2014 ACE Award Winners
Joanna Aegard – Class of 2006
Jeff Jones – Class of 2007
Loretta Turpin – Class of 2008
Jesse Roberts – Class of 2012.

2013 ACE Award Winners
Lisa Beckwick – Class of 2004
Gladys Berringer – Class of 2010
Kathleen Eaton – Class of 2009
Vince Mirabelli – Class of 2012
Melanie Zigman – Class of 2004

2012 ACE Award Winners
Albert Aiello – Class of 2004
Ron Hell – Class of 2004
Karen Lewis – Class of 2004
Deborah Emery – Class of 2007
Jim Gillespie – Class of 2007
Margaret Hajdinjak – Class of 2010