President:  Dina Gazzola

The Board consists of a minimum of 3 directors up to a maximum of 12 (generally 10 to 12) who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.   There are a number of positions:  President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Chair of Committees or a representative from a Committee, Directors at Large.

Time Commitment:    Eleven  1.75 hour meetings annually.   Generally held the second Wednesday of the month from 5:15 to 7:00.  Currently being held virtually.

Work:   Various tasks as identified at meetings.    Note this is a Working Board.


Chair: Matthew Villella    

The Engagement & Development Committee is responsible for planning, facilitating and delivering a host of Leadership Thunder Bay events.

  • To engage Alumni and community members by fostering continued networking and leadership development opportunities through annual and special events.
  • To endeavor to raise funds for Leadership Thunder Bay,
  • To raise community awareness about Leadership Thunder Bay and the benefits
  • Look for opportunities to engage in professional development and areas of engagement
  • A component of the Engagement and Development Committee is to monitor and promote Leadership Thunder Bay’s Membership Program

Time Commitment:   Various meetings throughout the year.   Committee members undertake the work required for the initiatives with the assistance of Management Services and thus the time commitment goes beyond the meetings.



The Membership Committee meets 1 to 2 times/year.    A note is sent by the Committee Chair to all members in late September or early October to have them renew their membership.  Sale of memberships is ongoing. Letters and a membership card are presented to members upon payment of the fee.

Time Commitment:  minimal

Work:  To invite individuals and organizations to join LTB


Chair:    Joel dePeuter

The Communications Committee reviews the website for upgrading on a continual basis.   Ideas generated from the Board, the Alumni and others are forwarded to the Committee and ultimately to Management Services/Marketing for updating the site.  Social media is ongoing.    The Committee is also responsible for the quarterly newsletter.

Time Commitment:   approximately four 1 hour meetings annually.

Work:   Ongoing update of the website; review printed publications; examine social media opportunities; promote activities; write newsletter.


Chair:  Tammy Turnbull

The CAP Committee provides oversight to the annual CAP Teams.  Solicit community organizations who make applications for a team of leaders to undertake a community project.  Review applications and provide an overview to the Class to assist in selection of a CAP.

Time Commitment:    approximately 15 hours annually to liaise with your CAP Team and to attend CAP Committee meetings.

Work:   Attend meetings with your CAP Team as required.   Attend their project activities.   Attend graduation to view the project report.


Chair:  Marnie Tarzia

The Curriculum & Evaluation Committee establishes the annual curriculum for the class.    A review of each Learning Day evaluation is provided to examine changes in the curriculum as noted from the input received.   Management Services Administrator and the Facilitators complete organizing the logistics and providing the teachings at the Learning Days.   On occasion members of the Committee assist with logistics.   Annual evaluations are undertaken for graduates and one-year follow-up.

Time Commitment:  approximately four 1 ½ hour meetings annually.   Some follow-up.   Longer meeting in June to establish the next year’s program.   Generally done with a pot luck supper.

Work:  Provide ideas for the program, review evaluations, minimal follow-up


Chair: George Comuzzi                                                                       

Oversees the finances of the organization.  Note By-law sections:   29; 50; 58 and 59

Time:   Meet as required throughout the year but annually with the auditor (generally in October).



This Committee consists of 2 or 3 members of the current class; Management Services and 2 or 3 previous graduates.   They meet in early January to review the work related to the graduation particularly logistics.    The Committee is responsible for ideas.  Management Services will undertake the majority of the work required such as ordering the plaques, venue, invitations, etc.

Time Commitment:  2 or 3 – one hour meetings and attendance at the Graduation.  Most work is done through email.

Work:  Various aspects and logistics of the graduation


Co-chairs:     Matthew Villella   Kristina Baraskewich

Members:   two additional members from the membership or the Board of Directors as long as they are not seeking re-election to the Board.

The Committee meets annually once or twice or develop a Nomination List for Board Director positions for the upcoming fiscal year.

Time Commitment:  minimal

Work:  To invite individuals to sit on the Board of Directors


Chair:  Darlene Wilson

Six Members:     Two interview panels of three persons each

Recruitment is done through Management Services/Marketing and the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Committee.   Interviews are done by the Committee during May and June and July if required.

Time Commitment:   Interviews during June – 3 half days – could potentially go to 4 depending on number of applicants

Work:  To confirm applicants for the program.    Interview candidates.


Co-chairs: Matthew Villella   Kristina Baraskewich

The Task Force is established to undertake the annual performance review of management staff .  They also hire staff and/or renew contracts of management staff as required.

Time Commitment:   Up to 10 hours annually

Work:    Oversight of organization’s staff.

Chair:  Sara Hagstrom

The Mentorship Program runs from September to June each year and is available to participants of Leadership Thunder Bay who have graduated within the last 3 years.

Time Commitment:  TBA

Work:  The Mentorship Committee assists in matching mentees with suitable mentors, takin into consideration the goals and expected outcomes to source potential mentors.

Note: Each Committee has its own Terms of Reference which are approved by the LTB Board of Directors.