Program Benefits

With Leadership Thunder Bay, everyone wins – the individual participants, their employers and the community as a whole!

Individual Benefits

  • Increased leadership skills through training and development tailored to the individual
  • A new network of diverse colleagues
  • Broad knowledge of local issues and challenges
  • Appreciation for diversity

Employer Benefits

  • Succession planning tool
  • Recognize and support leaders and mentor future leaders
  • Increased leadership skills
  • Knowledge of regional issues that can be used for greater organizational effectiveness
  • An opportunity to position a business as an organization committed to community quality and to position its decision makers as committed community leaders
  • Understanding of diversity that can be applied at the place of employment

Community Benefits

  • To expand the number of individuals who accept leadership roles in business, government and not-for-profit organizations to meet future challenges in our community;
  • To increase individuals’ understanding of the area’s history, issues and activities;
  • To encourage dialogue between the region’s present leaders and our emerging leaders;
  • To develop an outstanding network of people with a sense of community trusteeship and commitment to generate a synergy to sustain and build our community
  • Community Action Projects