“The Human Library is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding.” (humanlibrary.org) Instead of borrowing a printed book, people borrow a human being – called a Human book – and have a conversation – to learn about ideas, cultures, lifestyles, and other life experiences through conversation. It is the coming together of individuals from all walks of life in an open and safe environment. Human Libraries have been a global movement since 2000. The Team will be tasked with creating the Human Library collection – finding the books – and assist with running/promoting the event. Through this participation, the LTB team will be exploring facets of the Thunder Bay community which perhaps they had not been exposed to before. The Project encourages diversity and tolerance, social justice and acceptance – all tenets of a strong and healthy community. The Human Library project will contribute to breaking down those destructive belief systems that we currently see in our community. We hope that providing an opportunity to meet face-to-face with people and having a conversation, participants will leave feeling more informed and have better understanding of people very different from themselves. Finding and training the Books, promoting and conducting the event will be the main objective of the CAP group. Many libraries around the world have embraced and adapted the concept of a Human Library. The CAP group would be encouraged to research and explore varieties as the group wishes.