As part of the Committee’s 2017 – 2020 Work Plan, the Committee will work with other community organizations to lend support for orientation and outreach initiatives for both Indigenous youth coming to Thunder Bay and international students arriving in Thunder Bay from other countries for educational purposes. As part of that process, a “This is Thunder Bay” educational brochure will be developed in the Native language of the Northern Communities as well as in the first languages of the international students and refugees who are coming to Thunder Bay to attend school. Leadership Thunder Bay CAP team will develop an Ambassador Program for the Anti-Racism & Respect Advisory Committee, which can be used as orientation for Indigenous youth, international students, and refugees. The Ambassador Program will include a brochure entitled “This is Thunder Bay”, which will not only communicate a welcoming message to students but will function as a handbook to provide information on the various support and recreational services that will be available to them, including contact information where applicable. The brochure will be translated into several languages, to accommodate the first language of the students as they learn about their new community. ​