The Norwest Community Health Centres will work with Leadership Thunder Bay to collaborate with community partners across sectors to launch the Emergency Preparedness theme with the broadest level the goals of:

  • Save lives and protect health
  • Get prepared
  • Learn how to respond
  • Protect self and others from harm or losses
  • Think about recovery after an emergency event

Leadership Thunder Bay participants would be challenged to accomplish:

  1. Create fun educational messages, campaigns an activities to mobilize attendance and action
  2. Educate “we all have a role in emergency preparedness, what is your role?”
  3. Organize a “make an emergency plan” station to include computers, printers and USB drives
  4. Motivate and assist individuals to prepare for the first 72 hours
  5. Enhance the entertainment aspect of emergency preparedness: learning can be fun.
  6. Coordinate skill based, interactive and creative demonstrations. Examples: having Union Gas or Hydro on site showing how to turn off the gas or hydro, emergency kits on display and for draws, bus evacuations, and canned food recipe demonstrations that do not need a heat source.